Project Hadea

You play as an OPERATIVE of Scytha Industries, a highly selective private security company. As their most elite Operative, you possess many skills and talents, not to mention top-of-the-line equipment - including your very own AI module, IVI.

This, of course, puts a price on your head. An AI module goes for billions on the black market; carrying one around in your skull is, perhaps, not the safest idea. Sure, you’re more than a match for anyone who might come after you - but no-one outside the high levels of Scytha knows about it, so you should be safe anyway, right?


Wrong, wrong, wrong.

Project Hadea is an interactive, text-based scifi story, written in Twine. This game is rated 18+, for explicit sex, swearing, violence... all that good stuff.

Status: Chapter Four released [02/02/2023]


  • Participate in a character-driven story, with an emphasis on relationship-building and character growth
  • Customise your Operative: decide your pronouns, codename, combat specialisation and personality. 
  • Romance one of six ROs (3 nonbinary/agender, 1 male, 1 female, and 1 gender-selectable), including two alien options. Only some of them want you dead to start with, so your odds look good.
  • Oh, and raise that kid you rescued. How are your parenting skills?

Content Warnings

  • Explicit sex
  • Depictions of invasion/war
  • Nonconsensual surgery
  • Medical horror (particularly surgery, needles & use of heavy painkillers)
  • Bodily autonomy violations
  • Descriptions of violence/gore/injury
  • Assault of the MC
  • Manipulation tactics (including sex under false pretenses)
  • Strong language
  • Death

All sexual content is optional, and non-explicit options will also be provided.


Sidebar art by Riessene

Sidebar gif by JA Fitzjames

Sensitivity Readers

  • Mila
  • Tyler
  • Tia
  • Evan
  • Moonie

And a huge thank you to everyone who's helped with editing, proof-reading, and bug-fixing! Couldn't have done it without you xx

This project is currently available for free, but if you'd like to drop by my Ko-Fi or subscribe to my Patreon it would be hugely appreciated!

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StatusIn development
Rated 4.9 out of 5 stars
(238 total ratings)
GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withTwine
TagsAdult, Aliens, Dark Humor, LGBT, Sci-fi, Twine
Average sessionAbout an hour

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It looks like there's some sort of bug? Trying to play this on a browser isn't possible, nor is trying to download it on the app.

The main thing I like is the variability here. There is a significant difference between the Project's and R's rescue routes. R's (with them alive) has scenes with RO's, quite well fleshed-out in comparison to the brief exchanges from Project's route (where they are dead) or the absence of any meaningful interaction in case where R is alive. 

I wonder if that will be balanced out in future updates for those who went with Project and abstained from offing Rohan?

omg loved the recent chapter. rhaxa is everyhing to me they are literally so cool i need to romance this strange alien


Could someone help me fix a bug? (Almost definitely not with the game, just with my browser.)

How do I give it a valid storage adapter?


Hi! I just had this problem. Simplest answer is to make sure your browser is giving permission to the page to save cookies but, if your case it's like mine and it doesn't work, try turning off any add-ons you might have. I'm using firefox and had to turn off privacy badger for the error to stop. idk if it's exclusively because of add-ons or specifically an occasional bug with that one, but it might help. other than that I have no clue:(


error on chapter 4

Error: <<them>>: error within widget code (Error: <<print>>: bad evaluation: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'random'))


We are now on Chapter 4 and I am STILL not sure whether I want to kiss Rohan till he forgets his own name or hold his decapitated head on a stick in front of his weeping mother. It's complicated...


i love this so much god


This is excellent stuff right here; an interesting setting, great writing, Joia is amazing, and you really really made me hate Rohan. 

I love it. 

I felt so cathartic when my character did them in, so to speak.

I'm really glad I found this and I cannot wait for the next update!

(1 edit) (+2)

Love the sarcasm and the smart cynical way this is written. It's intelligent, moody, sexy and with just the right amount of dark humor to make it seems realistic and yet, still transport you to this other world/dimension. I can't get enough of it. I definitely can't wait for the (hopefully) many more chapters.

I've just finished the third chapter, and I have no idea what possible other IF I could go to, that could match this. Can't wait what that genius brain of yours is going to come up with next.

(PS: thanks for giving us extreme and diverse choices, like the three different of endings for the third chapter. Did them all. All very satisfying to read.)


i think i remember reading this back when it was in cog (if you didnt post this on cog then oops sorry) but i never saw it again. i kept seeing your IF pop up in tumblr but i thought it wasnt my style. i decided to give it a try and man, rohan..xe has a grip on me. i hate xem but my god did i felt what the mc felt when they bonded briefly and i hate how im still getting wrapped around xir finger. i shouldnt but my god am i gonna romance xem. me and the mc are going all in and gonna fall further down into the pretty little trap of a person called rohan. 

doesnt excuse the absolute horrifying and traumatic thing they did to the mc nor will i my anger leave for xem just like magic. i think along the way of the mc and rohan's interaction, a part of me started to lean in and let myself be vulnerable, just like the mc did. absolute masterpiece. i love this. cant believe got played as well lmao


Really good read it's solid work in terms of the writing and UI, it seems you have responsive design and paid attention to UI/UX experience so it's also super nice to be a reader of your work. 

How many Ro are planned to be added? do we had encountered all of them? I personally think more isn't always better, I prefer to have smaller options if it means we can have more interaction with them.


Thank you! I'm glad the UI works well, that's an important factor for me.

There are 6 romance options - Nash, Rohan, Leanna, Ki-Ha, Rhaxa, and Imxa (who hasn't been introduced yet). I'm aiming to get plenty of interaction with all of them into the game, so hopefully the romances will be satisfying and enjoyable :)

(1 edit) (+5)

(Hopefully I'm using the pronouns correctly) I was originally gonna go on a whole rant about Rohan but I think I'll shorten it to just;

Absolutely nothing will personally make me ok with Rohan, especially if xe keeps up the taunts, my easily angered self is having such a hard time not shooting xem every playthrough-


Yeah I think a single punch at least rightfully deserved to Rohan. Petition to remove 'lean in' options or at least add punch option again after it.

i’m having trouble actually keeping any of my saves‚ i keep losing them. is there any way to download them??


yeah, twine relies on browser cookies to maintain saves so if you're clearing your cache or switching browsers regularly they'll disappear. To get around it, if when you go to save you hit "save to disk" you should be able to download a file - store that on your hard drive then when you want to load it up you can hit "load from disk" and open that file.

I do try to smooth over any inconsistency between updates that could mess with saves, but be aware that loading saves from previous updates always comes with the risk of jankiness with certain variables not being set properly. This is a risk regardless of if you save to disk or leave your saves in the browser, but it hopefully shouldn't be too much of a problem with this game.


Oh my god I absolutely loved that ending where We had a choice to kill Rohan. Man that was satisfying to the maxx. Love this story. Hope to see more.


Wait a minute here- we can kill Rohan?


that is an option, yeah! as a note, though, I'd prefer to keep these comments spoiler-free as much as possible :)


I can't tell you how much I enjoyed this and how clever the set up is. 



After reading it, I spent two more days telling all my loved ones about this masterpiece and all the emotions that I experienced.

Thank you!

I am waiting with all my heart for more! (´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡


I love this! And it is written SO well. Thank you for it all <3

(1 edit) (+1)

When I tried to hit on Leanna, sh told me she's not interested in men. But my mc is female.

Also: Awesome story and versatile characters by the way. And I think I never played a game with such an elaborate branching - as in the whole next page is different depending on what you say, and the characters reaction and resulting dialogue make so much sense.

thank you! I'm glad you enjoy the variation <3

Leanna's (and Ki-Ha's) romances are locked depending on your MC's gender, not pronouns - the gender selection comes shortly after the scene in the locker room with Nash in ch1, separate from the pronoun choice. it's another in-line cycing link, so you might've missed it during that scene.

Is this still in development? 


yes! next update is a while away, but it's very much still an active project :)


Yay! I'm excited to keep reading, nicely written!

(1 edit) (+13)(-3)

Controversial opinion: UMMMMMMMMM ROHAN??? absolutely amazing character so far!!!!!!!!! 

even if you don't like them they're absolutely fascinating as a character. as much as i hate what they did to the MC... i can't bring myself to pick that option in chapter 3 AAAAA im a masochist i swear i am. why else would i be SO interested in rohan????

They DO get off easily with the other characters so far but you really really do have to take a lot of context into account here. 

!!!!(spoilers ofc)!!!!

1. At MOST only two characters (pretty sure) even know what happened to MC depending on how you play. They (everyone who doesn't know) have no reason to loathe Rohan OR trust MC. As far as they know Rohan is just an asshole. As far as they know MC is also just an asshole. Their only goal is to get off the ship alive and NOT get caught in the crossfire of absolute strangers who want to kill each other for reasons unknown.

2. As for Nash's response... look at things from their perspective. They're bruised and battered while stranded on a barely functioning ship with a bunch of strangers aside from their friend/partner who is very badly injured. Not to mention there's a child present. What are they going to do? Murder Rohan and expect everyone else on the ship to just shrug it off? Murder Rohan in front of J? Everyone is a stranger. To start shit in this situation is a bad call. They're outnumbered. They can't properly defend themselves either if the rest of the crew retaliates from them murdering Rohan. Who else is going to fly the ship? Survival beats revenge at the moment.

This is in no way excusing Rohan's actions. What they did was horrific. You have every right to hate them. My issue is people who seem to lash out at our lovely author for writing a controversial character. Just because their character does horrible things doesn't mean they condone or support those things. Same for people who like Rohan. That doesn't mean they condone OR support their actions. 

Also important to remember that this is fiction. None of the characters are real and there's nothing wrong with exploring these topics with fictional characters.

Sorry this got long. very passionate about characters who are NOT good people lol you can like a character as a character and not as a person. villains are fun.

(also i hate children but i will punch a bitch for j 0:) )

(1 edit) (+7)

My problem is not that Nash is being practical, but that even when MC told them in PRIVATE, they didn't have much of a reaction. Like? This is MC's partner, and they didn't seem to care at all about what had happened. Their reaction was essentially, "Man... That sucks. Oh well."

They literally cared more after the shit went down with Scytha Industries.


all valid opinions!!! i'm not our lovely author so i can't say for sure but MY personal belief and what im picking up on from Nash is that they are not.. very good at.. any of this stuff. i do think they care but i believe they have trouble showing it. just my thoughts though!


(major spoilers but) I thought it meant shoot him in the leg or an arm or something, maybe graze past him, shoot near him to scare him?? Not that, oh my god ????? 


A rollercoaster of emotions from all views. Poor child, i'll always protect you Joia, my child :')


Genuinely don't understand people who hate Rohan tbh

Personally speaking as someone who likes 'villains', I think Rohan is an interesting character to the cast. Yeah, they hurt you, what they did was fucked up but so what? What happens next? How do we, them, and the other characters deal with the fallout? That interests me way more than getting rid of Rohan early. I like that such a polarizing character did something blatantly terrible for their own agendas, and MC have to deal with the immediate consequences of that.

For the folks saying that Rohan got off easy and the crew are unsympathetic. Callous to say, but why should they even care? They don't know you. Or Rohan. They just want the ship to be in one piece so they can get the hell outta dodge and get shady folks like US out of their hands. It's not their problem. They don't trust us.

Sure, that'll change as the story goes on and the characters get to know each other better, but as of the moment they're all strangers who are trying to survive first. I'm sure more interesting things in the story will reveal itself as more chapters are released.

I guess that's my two cents

(1 edit) (+7)(-1)

apparently I love pain because my MC is a Rohan simp 😭 

but I also think I took more time than some other people to understand what he was saying about IVI. his method was trash but I understand both how he explained IVI & how he explained MC being nothing more than a tool. I personally suspect the reason MC was chosen over Nash is because MC’s massive ego wouldn’t let them suspect it was anything other than a well-deserved reward for being “the best” & Nash just doesn’t seem to have that vibe about them. 

also, as far as Rohan getting off too easily and everybody being okay with what they did… you guys do realize that most people they’re traveling with have absolutely no idea what happened, right? I think the only person that definitely knows no matter how you play it is Nash, and that’s because they figure it out on their own. 


Even if others are unaware of the assault, MC is valid in their rage and however they intend on managing that, whether violently or not. I'm sure everything will come out eventually and I think people(the crew) would like to know Rohan sees violence as a tool to further his agenda despite others having autonomy of their own body(IVI being apart of the MC). He did a messed up thing and has to deal with the fallout.

I think its a great story point and makes things engaging. Rohan is kind of a point of contention for readers which makes for a lot of  perspectives. I probably wouldn't romance him until last, I'm petty but love to run all possible  storylines lol. I guess my hope is that he has more redeeming qualities that will arise to make things make sense when romancing him.

(1 edit) (+4)(-1)

I never said MC's rage wasn't justified. I didn't say anything about MC's rage at all, I don't think. I don't really have a strong opinion on it one way or the other, tbh.   

What I said is that saying everybody (in the story) is okay with what Rohan did relies on the false premise that they know what he did to begin with. MC being upset with Rohan for unexplained reasons isn't a good enough reason for the others, who don't know MC or Rohan and in some cases, each other, to be outraged on MC's behalf. 

Basically, people usually don't form an opinion on something they know nothing about, and almost no one (in the story) knows about what happened between MC and Rohan.


thank you!! I'm glad you're both putting so much thought into it <33 I know Rohan is uhhh polarising lmao, xe's intended to be that way - but what I will say is that there is a lot of stuff yet to come out. What Rohan did is undeniably messed up (and I wouldn't have included the options in ch3 if I didn't want people taking that route) but as you say, the others are going to have their own opinions on it, and those opinions might change as they, and you, find out more :-)
thank you both for the thoughtful comments, I really appreciate it!


Me at the end of the second chapter: You couldn't possibly make me hate Rohan more than I already do.

nyehilism: Challenge accepted :) 


For now, all of my OCs want to kill Rohan. 
Even the one that's unintentionally falling in love with them. 
(Good job!)
Also, that's me. 


I hate rohan omg


Most excellent read/play so far! There are a few spots in the later chapters where it starts to gender NB... (had me wondering if the game lost track of that choice somewhere), and a few mixup like sitting on the floor to talk to J only to 'slump into' their chair in the next breath, and back again. Hope this helps ya crush any lil bugs or miscoding. Can't wait for MORE. 🌈🦄


Just discovered this gem of a story the other day and i just want to say bravo!!! The last section definitely caught me off-guard and i love that you included a choice like that. Half tempted to go with but i have to be a good role model for Joia. Nash is great as well and i am so for the general trust and companionship they have with MC. Looking forward to reading more of this


I’m really enjoying this so far! I will say that Rohan seems to have his head tilted 99% of the time which I imagine leads to some neck pain. 😝

Lmao you make a fine point my friend.


anything for joia honestly



(3 edits) (+30)(-11)

Good writing, but I have to agree that Rohan gets off way too easily. More characters should at least care about what they did, and I feel like Nash should care more than they apparently do. It just seems like no one is on MC's side. And I feel like I'm being railroaded into forgiving Rohan myself, or at least letting it go.

(1 edit) (+27)(-12)

it is pretty darn aggravating how literally everyone around looks at the MC like they're in the wrong here...

(looks like some Rohan's simps disagree...)


I agree. This person dug IVI out from MC's head. That's invasive asf. And I'm surprised that Nash and Leanna ( I chose to tell her) didn't kick up more of a fuss after finding out that Rohan cut into MC's head. I'm honestly bewildered...


Thank you so much for making this! It's amazing so far and gets better and better with each update. My husband loves this story too! ^_^   I wanted to let you know that we've mentioned it in our list of recommended Twine stories. But if that's not okay just let me know. You can view it here, let us know if there are any other details we should add for your title -->

Deleted post
(1 edit) (+4)

Have to say a scene in Chapter 3 at the secondary comms (avoiding spoilers) was done very well. I saw elsewhere that was an option, and I knew I'd feel as uncomfortable as I do with it. You did a fantastic job of making it feel real, with that choice with that character. I didn't at all expect it would truly be an option (at least not so seemingly early in the story), and while I will still always choose it, it makes me very uncomfortable as I'm sure was fully intentional. So, again, great job with that. I'm not quite uncertain of my choice but I recognize the morality of it very well and I don't like being made aware >:(.

(3 edits) (+13)(-26)

I feel like the romance options are a bit unforgiving to straight people, the only obvious choice being Rohan, and I can see why some wouldn't want to do that. Still, that doesn't change that the story is fascinating, and your writting is amazing... kept me on mi toes from start to finish. This right here is the gud stuff. Thank you.


When I finished the third chapter my shoulders were so tense. I was really felling the story, and not just this chapter the previous ones too. Every interaction make me feel something, it's really amazing! 

Loving this very much, can't wait for wait it's next :D


Love it so far.
In love with Nash and Rohan... leaning a bit more towards Nash at the moment though... And Joia is my baby already and I would die for that sweet little angel~ <3


I had fun time reading this and hope  get back IVI  from that dick

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